Ambient Air Vaporizer

Ambient Air Vaporizers (Natural Draft)

Thermax provides a wide variety of ambient air vaporizers to match any application. The workhorse of the product line are the SuperGap vaporizers. These are constructed of an array of finned aluminum extrusions with a 12-inch center to center spacing providing for extended ice growth.

The Ice Rack vaporizer is built specifically as a precursor to standard vaporizers to accumulate ice.

Megafins, with a sixteen fin profile, provide the largest surface area per foot on the market.

Stainless/Monel/brass lined units are available for high pressure and special applications. Standard units are available for up to 200,000 SCFH.

See Product Data Sheets for ratings and details.

Typical Applications:

  • Backup oxygen, nitrogen, argon systems
  • Chlorine, ethylene, ammonia, hydrogen for process use
  • Oxygen for hospitals, ozone
  • Bulk LNG, Satellite LNG plants, drain flares
  • High purity semiconductor gases
  • High pressure cylinder filling
  • He, Ne, HBr, HCl, NO2, specialty gases

Product Data Sheets: